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Google Apps 2010

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What are GOOGLE APPS?(Bridget)

Quick Tour (open link)




Google Apps Consists of 50+ Google applications available for users.


Communication Tools: (Bridget)


          -A free email service for users.

          -Edits email spam automatically after 30 days.

          -Enough storage space.

          -Supports other email services.

          -Includes multi language support.

          -Easy access to your account with an URL.

          -Allows a Google search all through ur email. (ex. find emails from year before)


          -Message threading and integrated text



Google Talk

          -Is available within Gmail.

          -Allows immediate responses to other users, while online,

          -Voice Chat

          -Video Chat 


Google Calendar (Lindsey)

          - Is linked to your gmail

          - If a date is listed within the email, then it will automatically be added to your google calendar.

          - One can view, create, and manage their own daily events,

          - Can import important dates as well as National Holidays onto your calendar.

          - Can quickly add a new event by using Quick Add

          - Through your calendar you can invite others to your event.


Productivity Tools:(Lindsey)

Google Docs Includes:       -Text Files       -Spreadsheets         -Presentations


        Allow the Following

        formats for upload:     html.                                 csv                                          ppt                                  

                                              txt.                                    xls                                          pps

                                             doc.                                  xlsx

                                             docx                                 ods





  •  All the documents can be saved in a variety of formats on the users computer. 
  • This application allows you to make one master document available to all users. It allows you to edit within the one document and resubmit without the hassle of multiple copies of the same document sent to you, as well as attachments.


How do teachers incorporate Google Apps in every day lessons?

     Teachers are able to create lesson plans, lectures, and activities for their class.


Teacher Usage:

     -Allows access for students and parents outside of class.

     -Updates absence students on what assignments they have missed.

     -Teacher can access students work and view their progress.

     -Allows teachers to view who did what on the assignments.






     -Program is free for all users.

     -Collaborative Learning Environment

     -Supports Creative to ways to use technology in the classroom.

     -Access documents from any internet computer.

     -One does not have to worry about software compatility.

     -Everything is accessible through the one program.

     -Access through mobile.

     -Secured Site 




     -Google talk is only available on Windows.

     -You need internet to access all documents within Google Apps.

     -You have to have email through Google in order to access other applications.

     -Basic formatting. (Microsoft Word includes more creative formatting)




Interactions of students:

Have students open a Gmail account, if they dont have one.



Links (Lindsey)


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  • Google Apps for Schools


  • Google Docs


  • Google Apps for Smart Phone


  • Google Apps for Lesson Plans


  •  Google Docs Quick TOur





Resources (Lindsey)

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