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Wiki's In Plain English  









Advantages to Using a Wiki:

(Chelsie Wilkes)


1. Allows for great flexibility

2. Collaborative communication environment

3. Allows greater interaction between students and teachers

4. Can be accessed from any location as long as one has Internet access

5. Easy and simple to use

6. Encourages constructivist learning viewpoint




Disadvantages to Using a Wiki:

(Chelsie Wilkes)


1. If you don’t understand all the technology and functions involved, it can be frustrating!

2. Open environment allowing any person to edit and modify the content hence requiring close supervision, passwords, etc.

3. There is no sense of authorship or ownership since a wiki is a created, edited, and modified by a group of people

4. You have to copy all of the information in the wiki if you just want to add to something otherwise, only your addition will remain after you save it!




How Teachers Can Use a Wiki with Each Other, Parents, and Students:

(Cierra Crowl)


1. Teacher to Student Uses: Site Example - Bookleads (Teacher Resource Wiki), and Black Hill School (Wiki for Students)

     a. Give information to students regarding assigments and useful resources.

     b. Post pertinant readings and information on authors

     c. Explains how to use and navigate through a wiki

     d. Enables discussion forums.


2. Teacher to Teacher Uses: Site Example - 7 Things You Should Know About Using Wiki's and 10 Steps

     a. Post Gradebooks

     b. Share Ideas about Teaching Topics.

     c. Work together on Projects.

     d. Educate oneself on using wiki's safely, and povide background information on cybersaftey.


3. Teacher to Parent Uses: Site Example - Bookleads (Teacher Resource Wiki) and (BioMedCentral)

     a. Have forums for parents to pose questions (another outlet for communication)

     b. Educate parents on the pros, cons, and saftey of wiki's.

     c. Parents can contribute ideas and pose concerns.









History of Wikis:

(Maria Dusenbury)

·         Ward Cunningham created the first wiki, which he called WikiWikiWeb using the Hawaiian word "wiki" in place of "quick".

·         The first wiki's appeared in the mid 1990's when scientists and engineers used them to create dynamic knowledge bases.

·         In the last few years, Wikis have been adopted into instructional technology and collaborative activities.

·         One of the most commonly used Wikis is Wikipedia—an online, editable encyclopedia that is popular with students.

·         Since Wikis reside on the Internet, students can access and participate from any location, provided they have Internet access.

·         Wikis can be used as a source for obtaining information and knowledge, and also as a method of virtual collaboration.



(Maria Dusenbury)


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