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Social Bookmarking

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What is Social Bookmarking? 



Social bookmarking involves saving and tagging bookmarks to public websites, such as Delicious and Digg. These bookmarks, now on the web, can easily be shared with others and accessed from any computer. Other users’ bookmarks can be viewed and used for free. 



Benefits of Social Bookmarking 



  • Access your bookmarks from any computer
  • Access to other users’ bookmarks on the web that may fit your topic
  • Easily search for millions of bookmarked sites through categories
  • Much faster means of searching for a topic



Student Uses of Social Bookmarking 



  • Use it for productive research
  • Share useful websites with other classmates for homework assignments
  • Allows for easy saving of important links
  • News social bookmarking sites can provide students ways to quickly search through current and historical events
  • Access their bookmarks at school and home 



Teacher Uses of Social Bookmarking 



  • Create tags for each class (algebra, geometry, chemistry)
  • Easily find new and relevant materials
  • Share homework assignments and resources with students
  • Share resources with other educators around the world
  • Share class information and educational articles with parents
  • Access bookmarks at school and home


Hands-On Activity:



1. Create an account on Delicious at http://delicious.com/

2. Select "Save a new boomark" in the top right corner

3. Type in http://www.edutopia.org/ into the space listed next to URL

4. Tag as you wish. For example: Education, Journals, Teaching, Resources, Learning.

5. Then click "Save"

6. Click home at the top of the screen, then the bookmarks tab

7. Brings down a pull down menu and select my bookmarks

8. Click the number to the right of the  Edutopia bookmark you just made and it brings up all different users Education book marks.

9. Click the people tab at the top of the page

10. Pull down the drop down menu and click "go to a user"

11. Type is Sbaluta or Adrootma to view our bookmarks and add us as users on your network 



Resources for Future Learning:

















Application to Future Teaching:



















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