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Online Manipulatives

Page history last edited by Nicole Stueben 10 years, 11 months ago

Everything you want to know about Online Manipulatives! 


Why Use Online Manipulatives? (Nicole)

·         Manipulatives help students convert abstract ideas into concrete models.

·         Hands-On Manipulatives can be enhanced by using online manipulatives.


Teaching Online Manipulatives (Nicole)

·         Students love online manipulatives because they think they are playing games and not learning so a teacher must set rules.

·         Setting rules can include something simple as letting students know what activities need to be completed in a certain amount of time.



Students and Online Manipulatives (Jessica)

·         Get parents involved by letting them know the resources and have children use the online manipulative and games at home.

  • Can help students who might be having trouble with a subject area.


Application for Future Teaching (Jessica)


  • Teachers can have their students do certain activities after a lesson to reinforced what they just learned 

  • Easier to reach visual learners.

  • Can have students print out activities they completed for teacher to look over.



Articles (Abby)

A review by a mother who home schools her children.



A Study of 3rd Graders using online manipulatives.




Resources (Abby):

Examples of Online Manipulatives at PBS.org



More examples from PBS.org




Math and Science Gizmos


A Fun Resource of Math


Math Playground




Activity (Nicole):

National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives (Nicole)

·         matti.usu.edu



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