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Movie Maker



(Rachel Farekas) 

History of Windows Movie Maker

                           (Megan Bell)


*Movie Maker has been out for over 8 years.

*First version came out with Windows ME in 2000

*Timeline of Movie Maker:

                2000 : Windows Movie Maker 1.0 (Windows Me)

                2001 : Windows Movie Maker 1.1 (Windows XP)

                2002 : Windows Movie Maker 2.0 (Windows XP)

                2004 : Windows Movie Maker 2.1 (Windows XP SP2)

                2004 : Windows Movie Maker 2.5 (Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005)

                2006 : Windows Movie Maker 2.6 (Windows Vista)

                2007 : Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (Windows Vista)




Advantages of Movie Maker

                        (Megan Bell)


*It's free and a quick download off the Internet

*Movie Maker is a great tool for the classroom.

*You don’t need any film editing experience to use Movie Maker

*Movie Maker makes it easy to edit videos, it uses a story board and allows for easy access to cutting clips and adding 


*Audio is simple to add and edit with the click of a button.

*Movie Maker allows you to save your newly made video to a CD or a DVD or you can send it in an email or upload it 

 to a movie hosting website such as YouTube.




Disadvantages of Movie Maker

                          (Megan Bell)


*Movie Maker is just a little too complicated for younger students.

 *You can’t "attach" narration to slides, so if you move the slide, the narration does not go with it.

*Movie Maker  freezes up and crashes from time to time so you must save very often.

*You can’t do complex editing in MovieMaker just basic editing.




Student Uses

  (Megan Bell)


*Children can use Movie Maker for a vast array of projects:

     -Getting to know your classmates (putting together a slide show of pictures of your family and things you like, add text and audio.)

     -Digital Storytelling: interviewing important people in the community and putting together a short movie.

     -Documenting field trips, taking pictures and video clips from a recent school trip.




Teacher Uses

  (Jessica Chimenti)


*Introduce a lesson

 *Reinforce basic concept or vocabulary

*Video of class field trip

*Create an “In-class field trip” video of students in class with clips of objects, animals, people, places, ect. from the lesson

*Educational segment on safety issues (on school bus, playground, and at home)

*Student reenactments of stories read in class

*Capture classroom activities throughout the year to show on last day

*Demonstrate class activity v. class progression throughout the year




Two Articles

 (Jessica Chimenti)


*   Digital Moviemaking—The Harmonization of Technology, Pedagogy and Content


      Quote: “Digital moviemaking provides a unique opportunity to connect powerful, yet

accessible, technology integration with core content and pedagogical practice within specific academic disciplines.” 

*  Digital Video in the Classroom: Integrating Theory and Practice


Using Windows Movie Maker

(Rachel Farekas) 




(Megan Bell & Jessica Chimenti)


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