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What is Kidspiration?
  • A visual way for K-5th grade students to learn and understand words, numbers, and concepts.
  • Examples:
    • Math:
      • Place value (base 10 blocks)
      • Counting/Comparing/Exploring relationships of numbers (color blocks)
      • Patterns (pattern blocks)
      • Fractions
      • Money
    • Literacy
      • Writing expansion
      • Beginning and Ending Sounds
      • Rhyming
      • Vocabulary building
      • Character analysis
      • Poetry
    • Social Studies
      • Time lines of historical events
      • Biographies of famous persons
      • Branches of Government
    • Science
      • Magnetism
      • Rock cycle
      • Food Pyramid and balanced diet
      • Life cycles
      • Simple machines
    • Other
      • Maps
      • Venn Diagrams
      • Webs
Kidspiration from a child's perspective:
Kidspiration Video -- Overview:
Kidspiration Pros:
  • Kid-friendly
  • Contains a wide variety of subjects applicable to Early Childhood curriculum and development
  • Provides visual representation of abstract concepts
  • Talking interface narrates text for beginning readers
  • Allows for a lot of teacher control of specific activities and intentions
  • Provides a framework for continued growth through scaffolding
  • Some activities can be done as a class or in groups
  • Students work at their own pace
  • Word Guide provides definitions, usage, and synonyms for commonly used and misused words (i.e. affect vs. effect)
Kidspiration Cons:
  • Difficult for teachers to grade and regulate (time consuming)
  • Requires 1 computer for every child
  • Children need basic computer skills
  • Students work at their own pace
  • Teacher needs extensive program knowledge
How to Create Your Own Activity:
  1. Open Kidspiration
  2. Choose Picture View under the "New" heading
  3. Pick pictures you wish to use from the left hand menu
  4. Add the pictures to the blank work space/document
  5. Add text where appropriate in provided text boxes
  6. Save under "Kidspiration Activities" folder
  7. You can create your own folders for better activity management
Hands-On Activity:
(Kiersten, Casey, Christina)
  • Balanced Meal (Work in Pairs)
    1. Open Kidspiration 
    2. Click on the Science button
    3. Choose the "Balanced Meal" Activity (2nd Row, 3rd Column)
    4. Complete the activity with your partner
  •  Digital Story - Prestoryboard
    1. Open a new document by click on the "Picture View" button under the "New" heading
    2. Lable the first bubble "Digital Story"
    3. Create a "Mind Map" of your plans for the digital story
    4. Use the buttons at the top of the screen to add and link bubbles
(Casey, Christina, Kiersten)



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