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What is Kid Pix?


Kid Pix is a computer program for elementary school children.  It provides various art tools like pencil drawing, paint buckets, stamps, shapes, erasing, text insertion, and sound.  Newer versions of the software have features like slideshow and wacky TV.  Teachers can incorporate lessons into Kid Pix in almost any subject: language arts, math, social studies, science, and music/art.



Kid Pix Examples



Advantages of Kid Pix


  •  Allows for the students to investigate, explore and take risks


  •  Constructavist experimentation


  •  Appropriate for independent learning as well as partner activities


  •  Provides an environment for

               * discussion of ideas

               * problem solving

               * listening to others

               * negotiating 

               * cooperating  


  • Flexible program that can fit into any curriculum


Disadvantages of Kid Pix


  • Some may have difficulty navigating
  • Costs money 
  • Only one computer for group collaboration



Teacher Uses in the Classroom






Student Uses in the Classroom


  • Students can artistically explore at their own pace  
  • Great partner activity
  • Create any kind of templates they want
  • More fun and motivating than writing it on paper






Kid Pix Tutorial Article



How to Use Kid Pix Article






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