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Welcome to Our Innovations Wiki!


Getting Started

  • Use the sidebar to link to a new page for your Innovation topic. (One page per topic.)
  • SITE YOUR SOURCES through a reference section at the bottom of your page. Use APA style.
  • Provide authorship information on your page (your names & contact info, semester) 
  • Review the Project Overview, process, and evaluation rubric



Innovation Topics

Presentation Schedule


Blog - Instructor Model


Wiki - Maria Dusenbury, Cierra Crowl, Chelsie Wilkes.

Wiki '10 - Emily, Dana and Yodit


Kidspiration/Inspiration - Kiersten McGalliard, Casey Mullins, Christina Hyduke

Kidspiration/Inspiration - 

Voice Thread


MovieMaker - Megan Bell, Rachel Farekas, Jessica Chimenti

MovieMaker'10 - Brittany, Johanna, and Jessica


Social Bookmarking (Delicious) Anita and Samantha


KidPix Taylor Smith, Sara Haynes, and Katie Wagner

KidPix '10 - Paige, Krina, and Katelyn


Electronic Gradebook Kristin Dunkle Rachel Poole Alysia Flowers


Google Apps- Becky Orr, Larissa Van Der Meersche, Jamie Warhus

Google Apps 2010- Bridget Henry, Lindsey Warren


Google Sites- Jessica Irwin, Lindsey Hunt

Google Sites 2010 - Sarah Biro, Katie Kengla


Interactive White Boards- Victoria Aja, Rachel Walker, Jessica Bednar

Interactive White Boards -Marcela, Brandie, Chelsea


Online Manipulatives - Nicole Stueben, Jessica Keel, Abby Gieseler


e-Books - Darcie Rienecker and Lindsay Erickson


e-Books 2010- Kristi Kleisler and Patricia Bolding







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