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Electronic Gradebooks

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What is an electronic gradebook?


            An electronic grade book is a student information system which is used to record pupils' grades, attendance and other data which is then made available online to parents, students and administrators.

Easy Grade Pro is an example of an electronic gradebook.





Easy Grade Pro is a suite of software designed for educators at all grade levels and institutions who want powerful but easy to use tools to manage their student grade, attendance and other information. This suite consists of software for desktop and handheld computers.

  • Easy Grade Pro Web is our flagship suite of enterprise wide software. It provides all the features and benefits of EGP with the added benefits of having a system that is always current along with the ability for teachers to access the application from anywhere.
  • Easy Grade Pro is the centerpiece of the suite. Available for both Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers, Easy Grade Pro provides an abundance of tools to save you time entering your student data, provides you with a wealth of information about your students, and allows you to generate professional internet and paper reports to communicate your student data with others.
  • Pocket EGP is companion software to Easy Grade Pro. It allows you to use your Easy Grade Pro gradebook files on Windows Mobile handhelds. Since this powerful tool offers much of the same functionality as Easy Grade Pro, you'll be able to manage your student data at any location for extended periods, transferring your gradebook files back to Easy Grade Pro only for less-frequent tasks such as adding classes and producing paper and internet reports.
  • EGP Clipboard is companion software to Easy Grade Pro. Like a physical clipboard with printed rosters, EGP Clipboard allows you to enter your student data on Palm OS handhelds as you interact with your students in the classroom, gym and even outdoors. With a click of a button, the new data are then transferred to your desktop computer so that totals can be calculated, summaries can be viewed and reports can be generated with the new data.

 Easy Grade Pro 4.0's main view consists of six different charts: Score, Attendance, Seating, Student, Assignment and Standard.







  • Easy To Use
  • Easy for parents to access
  • Different types of charts
  • Keeps Student information organized
  • Allows exchanging of data with others
  • Reports and summary features
  • Supports web resources and email tool for reports for reports publishing
  • Lots of tools







  • Not free
















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