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What are e-books? (Darcie)


Electronic books are an electronic version of a book that can be viewed on your computer, PDA, smartphone, or e-book reading device.


Links (Darcie)


International Children's Digital Library


Teacher Uses (Lindsay)

  • A teacher can put an e-book on a projector for the whole class view
  • An e-book can be put online for students to access and read at home
  • A teacher can get an e-book online instead of having the whole class go to the library 
  • Teachers can get access to some books that they wouldn't be able to find in the library (the nearest library that contains the book might be far away)


Student Uses in Content Areas (Lindsay)

  • Students can read their content online, instead of in a book
  • Students can easily access the books online from home 
  • Students get experience with technology use
  • Students from different countries can read books from the United States 


Advantages (Darcie)


  • Much easier to carry around
  • Text can be enlarged for the vision impaired
  • Text can be read aloud
  • Playback can be slowed for those with learning disabilities
  • It can be read in different languages
  • You can search through text for a specific word or phrase
  • You can add digital bookmarks
  • You help the environment by not using paper or packaging
  • You get instantaneous delivery
  • Electronic dictionaries allow you to click a word and get its definition
  • Can be read in the dark 


Disadvantages (Lindsay)


  • Reading from a computer screen for long periods of time can be uncomfortable.
  • Can't be passed from hand to hand as easily as a book can.
  • Loss of "atmosphere" (the student doesn't get to hold the book and flip through the pages)
  • It may take a long time to download books from the internet
  • Bad internet connection
  • The classroom might not have enough computers for every student



Articles (Lindsay)

eBooks Begin to Surface in K-12 Schools



Electronic Books









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International Children's Digital Library



















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